Are you in the process of hiring a skip bin for your construction site, but want to make the most of the skip bin? Then you’ll need to keep certain considerations in mind such as the placement of the skip bin and the size that you will be ordering. By making the right choices you can increase the efficiency with which you remove waste from your construction site. With that thought in mind here are the top considerations to make when hiring a skip bin for your construction site:

  • Placement of the skip bin: if you have a large construction site then you must place several skip bins throughout it. Otherwise the construction workers will need to travel long distances in order to put waste into the skip bins. That extra effort could be better spent doing something more productive.
  • Size of the skip bins: generally it’s better to get the largest skip bins available because that will ensure that they will need to be emptied less frequently. However, if you want to disperse several skip bins thought your construction site, then having small ones will provide some flexibility. For example, you’ll be able to fit a small skip bin into a location where a bigger one would be inconvenient due to lack of space
  • Portable skip bins: to increase flexibility even further, you could also hire smaller more portable skips that can be transported by a forklift truck on-site. This will allow the skip to be moved to the areas where it is needed most on your construction site with short notice.
  • Permit: in the event that your construction site is of a small size and does not have the space to accommodate a skip, then you might have to park it on the roadside. However, before doing that make sure to get a permit from the local authorities as otherwise a fine will be issued. The granting of a permit can take a few days and for that reason you should apply for the permit before construction work beings.
  • Plan ahead: construction work can come to a halt if there are no available skip bins to place rubbish into. Therefore, make sure to contact the skip for hire service ahead of time to collect rubbish. If you find that there is a lag between the skip being full and an empty one being available for new rubbish then simplify the matter by adding an extra skip bin.

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