There are many forms of treatment for dental problems. However, you may not be aware that preventative treatment is available for various issues. In this case you could potentially avoid fillings, by using what is called a dental sealant:

What are sealants?

Fissure sealants, or more commonly dental sealants, is a treatment in which a plastic material is placed over fissures and pits. It is only applied to the back teeth, molars, and pre-molars. It works in that it blocks food and bacteria from performing dental caries, much like a protective shield.

Dental caries?

When your tooth’s surface either loses or gains minerals important for maintaining its health you are experiencing the process that leads to dental caries. Through a variety of different reasons, such as poor dental hygiene, we can create an imbalance in this process. It is the act of losing more minerals than gaining which causes tooth decay.

What is the process of getting sealants?

Sealants are a relatively quick and easy process. The tooth in question is first cleaned so that no plaque is underneath the sealant. After cleaning the tooth, the sealant liquid is then set into the tooth, which is then dried underneath a bright light, more often than not blue. Note, that unlike fillings, sealants possess absolutely zero pain, and will not feel uncomfortable after treatment.

For parents, it would be a good idea to get sealants done as soon as your child’s adult teeth start coming into their own. The process can usually be started from 7 – 12, and then 14-17 respectively.

Longevity and effectiveness

Sealants can last for a long time, many years in fact. To increase the longevity of the treatment, make regular visits to your dentist, so he can replace any lost sealant, and check up on how effective it is at preventing your dental caries.

Provided you maintain your normal dental hygiene routine, sealants will be very effective at preventing dental caries. Note that sealants make brushing much easier, as it is upon a smooth surface.

Potential problems

Sealants while effective can be to the contrary if you do not make annual visits to the dentist. This is because the sealant can eventually start trapping the bacteria and food under the sealant, thus causing more damage than originally intended.


Sealants are a great consideration for anyone wishing to further protect their teeth. They make cleaning your teeth much easier, and more effective, and can also protect you from more trips to the dentist for more fillings!