Pallet wrapping is a focal point of packaging during warehousing activities. The process ensures that products are bound tightly together to make one pallet load. This eases transportation and reduces the risk of goads toppling over while in transit. If you are still wrapping your pallets manually, there are a number of reasons you should consider automating the process. Read on to see what they are.

Speed up the process

First, pallet wrapping machines will speed up the wrapping process. Done manually, pallet wrapping can be a time-consuming and monotonous process. One has to go round the pallet in person, sometimes repeating the process altogether. With automated machines, each pallet can be wrapped in a very short time. With high speeds of up to 16 RPM, you can wrap tens on pallets each hour.

Economize use of shrink wrap

Another key aspect of pallet wrapping is the wrap material itself. It’s a high consumable that adds to the packaging costs. Using pallet wrapping machines, you can reduce these costs in several ways. One, automated machines are pre-programmed so no wastage will occur. Two, thanks to stretch technology, you pallet wrappers will extend your wrap material to wrap more pallets, thereby reducing your wrap budget.

Improve wrapping efficiency

As with any other automated process, pallet wrapping machines will improve the efficiency of the process. One, you can enjoy the consistency on knowing how many pallets you’ll have wrapped within a given time. Wrapping machines will also maintain quality consistency, by wrapping every pallet the same way, without making errors or using less wrap than needed. This will reduce pallet damage while in transit, ensuring you don’t get any faulty returns.

Reduce human labor

Pallet wrapping machines will also reduce your human labor needs. Semi-automatic wrappers need only one or two people – one for loading and one for managing the machine. Fully automated wrapping machines need one person at most as the machine doesn’t need constant operation. This will save you on costs in the long-term and allow you to concentrate your workforce in other areas.

Use less work space

Last but not least, pallet wrapping machines reduce the work area needed to prep your pallet loads. If you have a constrained work area, these machines will save you on space. You only need just enough space to install them, plus and extra allowance for loading and removal.

Talk to a pallet wrapping machines supplier to find out the right machine for you. Remember to consider load capacity, wrapping speeds and the type of automation. Will the right machine, you can reduce errors, costs and processing time in the packaging process.