Conveyor wear and flow can greatly effect production standards and longevity of the system. Controlled flow can easily help to maintain optimal production while it minimizes damage to the system itself. There are several benefits to ensuring a controlled flow that go beyond increased production and wear on the mechanics:

Preventive Monitoring of Conveyor Belts

Controlled flow depends on two things; the equipment and the preventive monitoring system that is used. System controls allow for the flow on the belt to be controlled. Preventive monitoring tools can easily offset any wear and tear that may be detrimental to the system.

No matter what the belt is being used for whether it is product production, bulk waste management or even to move metals the right preventive control monitoring and the right system equipment can offset many of the issues that are experienced even under the guise of normal wear and tear.

Down time is “no profit time”. Conventional systems just cannot hold up to rigors of today’s use. Controlled flow helps to ensure that conveyor wear and flow is even keeled and operational at all times.

Noise Reduction

Conveyor wear and flow that is controlled can display a marked decrease in the noise level of the machinery. Instead of clanging along you wind up with a conveyor system that hums along with a reduction in the noise level produced. This is of course a better environment for workers that can result in less absenteeism from work.

Reduced Wear on the Belt

A controlled flow mechanism can help to reduce wear on the belt. The belt takes a lot of abuse with a traditional system that can result in wear, broken belts and plenty of down time while the belt is being replaced. The right controlled flow system can greatly reduce the amount of down time from a broken belt.

There are zero friction belt options that can easily help to control the flow and reduce the wear and tear on the belt. Of course less wear and tear equates less down time.


Controlled flow also means that every package, every product and every revolution remains exactly the same. It offers an opportunity when combined with flow monitoring to greatly increase reliable outcomes each and every time.

Conveyor wear and flow that is uncontrolled can affect productivity, packaging and every other aspect of production and movement. There are good options that can upgrade your system to reduce all the risks of conveyor wear and tear. Contact a company such as Britrac (Aus) Pty Ltd to learn more.