4 Factors You Should Consider When Selecting Chain Link Fencing

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Not all chain link fences are the same. This article discusses four critical factors that you should base upon to select the most appropriate chain link fence for your home. The Gauge of the Wire Chain link gauge is measured in numbers. The smaller the number, the stronger that wire is. In practical terms, wire gauge is an indicator of how much steel was used during the making of that wire. Chain link wire has a small number, which means it has more steel in it than a wire with a large gauge number. You should buy chain link fencing that has a small gauge number. This will be very strong, and it will last for long without being damaged by wear. Consider the Mesh Size Mesh size refers to how small the diamond shapes in the chain link are. Oftentimes, the smaller mesh size may indicate that more steel was used to make that mesh. This is because more materials are needed to weave a small-sized mesh when compared to the materials needed to weave a large-sized mesh. Confirm this general observation with a fencing contractor or supplier. Buy based on the advice about the most appropriate mesh size for your needs. For instance, the smallest mesh size may be the best if you want to fence a tennis court on your property. Mesh Coating The steel used to make the chain link fencing materials is highly susceptible to corrosion. Manufacturers add a protective coating in order to prolong the useful life of that fencing material. Some manufacturers coat this steel with zinc. Zinc corrodes in order to protect the steel underneath it. Once the wire is cut, the zinc coating develops a powdery coating that covers the exposed steel (a process called cathode protection). Other manufacturers coat the steel with aluminum. Aluminum does not provide cathode protection in the same way that zinc coatings do, so the chain link will rapidly corrode at the point where it is cut. However, aluminum makes the mesh very strong. Pick the coating method that meets your needs, or as advised by a fence contractor. Colour Many manufacturers now offer chain link in a wide variety of colours. This is achieved by adding a polyvinyl chloride coating having the colour you want. This coating also provides additional protection from corrosion since it blocks moisture from reaching the mesh. Explore the colours available and pick the one that suits you. For instance, you can pick a green mesh for your garden. You will select the best chain mesh fence if you base your purchasing decision on the factors above. Get expert advice in case you are not sure about which option to...

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Considerations When Choosing Metal Fabrication Services

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Metal fabrication refers to the process of cutting, shaping and molding metal material into a final product. This process consists of various stages that are very crucial in determining the precision and quality of the final product. One of the most important decisions involved in metal fabrication is choosing a good fabricator. The type of equipment and techniques used by a metal fabrication company contribute greatly to the quality of the metal product. When selecting a metal fabricator, it is important to understand your project requirements. This ensures that you get a fabricator that will be able to handle your project needs and objectives. The following are some of the important considerations when choosing metal fabrication services. Design services Among the most important types of pre-fabrication services are design services. Manufacturing a metal product requires prior design and planning of a prototype that will serve as the guide to producing the final product. Failure to plan and design may result in production of a structurally weak metal product with inaccurate dimensions and other unpleasant qualities that may compromise the desired quality. Design services in metal fabrication can be categorized as concept formulation, computer aided design (CAD) and tools and equipment design. Concept formulation. This is a planning stage that entails determining the desired attributes in the final metal product. These could be qualities such as the strength of the metal, versatility, aesthetics and shape. These services help in generating a detailed idea of the product that can be actualized. Computer-aided design (CAD). CAD refers to computer programs that are used in the generation of 3-dimension drawings and representations of products. CAD enables creation of an all-sided representation of the final product, enabling determination of accurate dimensions. This helps to curb any structural weaknesses that could result from using 2-dimensional representations. Tools and equipment design. These services involve design of metal tools and equipment that are used across various production and manufacturing industries. Quality vs. cost of metal There are different types of metal which are available in different qualities. Steel is one of the most commonly used metals in fabrication processes. There are different qualities of steel metal, the choice of which is determined by the desired quality of the final product. High quality steel is expensive; therefore, when deciding on the type of metal, the cost and quality are a major factor to consider. However, quality should not be compromised over cost as this will greatly affect the value of the final product. Metal fabrication equipment Advancement in technology has led to the production of high precision fabrication equipment. When choosing metal fabrication services, ensure that the equipment used are modern and make use of modern technology equipment....

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