When you first think of staircases, you might not think about the aesthetic appeal. Instead, your main priority could be having a regular staircase to walk on and one which is sturdy enough to hold a large amount of weight. You might think about steel, concrete or metal stairs, but these materials don’t give your home or office an appealing look. That’s where timber staircases might be perfect. The beauty of timber is that the wood itself is incredibly sturdy in its natural form, so it is very much capable of handling harsh weather and weight. Because of this durability, it is a great material for building staircases. To add to this, timber itself can be shaped and glossed to provide a modern and appealing look. When it is formed into a staircase, it can give your property a fresh look. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a timber staircase:

1. Timber reflects and absorbs light

Timber wood, particularly when used to build an indoor staircase, provides a light shine to your home. If the timber is glossed over, it will help make your home a warm and welcoming environment.

2. Timber species are flexible in strength

One of the huge benefits of timber is that there are a number of different species which have differing levels of hardness. This is great because it gives you the added flexibility to choose the right level of strength for your staircase. For example, an American Oak species has a rating of 6.0 while a Grey Ironbark species has a rating of 14. An American Oak staircase would provide your home with a lighter touch while the Grey Ironbark will give it more of a traditional and darker appearance. This flexibility is great because it allows you to find the right color tone for your home while deciding on the appropriate strength that you need.

3. Low shrinkage for the outdoors

You might be worried that a timber staircase may absorb a high percentage of water. However, unseasoned timber only has a shrinkage percentage of 6%, which effectively means that it will only absorb 6 mm from every 100 mm of rain. So if you are interested in having an outdoor timber staircase, you can rest easy knowing it will only absorb a small percentage of rain.

If you are looking to install a staircase, a timber staircase will provide great durability while also giving your property a fresh look.