As a real estate developer, you look for ways to make your develops run smoothly and function long after they are first built. This means choosing between various options during the building process including types of timber to use, types of roofing, and even the pipes in each part of the development. You may think the option of pipes ends with the material. You may be surprised to find that the way the pipes are bent for plumbing and for ground flow matter as well. Here are a few of the reasons that, as a real estate developer, you should insist on your contractors using induction bending for pipes.

Seamless Bends

One of the key points that many induction bending contractors will make is the process allows for seamless bends. This means instead of having pipes connected at the joints for the twists and turns, you end up with a seamless pipe with no joints.

Since there are no joints, or very few if you have longer lengths of pipe, then you can reduce the chance of leaks from worn out or loose joints and washers. If there is a leak, you can have a technician locate the leak and patch that area without having to order multiple pipe pieces and refit those pipes.

Reduced Overall Cost

Another key point to remember about the induction bending process is that it can increase the size of the pipe which increases the flow. This means that areas that use pumps, like water run-off areas and sewer lines, will not have to exert as much energy.

That reduces maintenance on the pumps, cost of operating the pump under heavier conditions, and an easier flow through the filtration pumps and pipes. This wider flow also reduces that amount of blockages and the repair costs those blockages can cause.

Customization of Pipe Flow

When you use traditional pipe methods, you limit yourself  to how the pipes can flow. This is especially true if you need to add on curved pipes, s-pipes, and special bent pipes to get the job done. This may take extra time for your plumbing contractors to put together since it uses not only extra planning time, but also time to place the pipes and special fittings.

With induction bending, you can give the blueprint of the area to the contractors and have a full line of pipe built to fit the area seamlessly and without having to have special pipe fittings. In fact, you can even have the pipes expanded in some areas and smaller in others to fit tighter spaces and keep the flow going properly.

These are only three reasons that every real estate developer should insist on using induction bending processed pipes from a company like Inductabend Pty Ltd for their developments. If you are ready, consider discussing the options with your contractors and begin placing the orders for the pipes.